Bloodborne Pathogens Training Free – Yes, it’s Real!

If you work in a hospital, a blood bank, a tattoo shop, or if you are in any position where you might be in contact with blood during your line of work, you are going to need to have bloodborne pathogens training. Free training is available for individuals through quality companies, such as, which is a great solution for those who are looking to get certified so they can get a new job, or just so they can keep up with the annual certification needs.

What Are Bloodborne Pathogens?

Bloodborne pathogens are microorganisms that are located in the blood, as well as in other bodily fluids. They are infectious and they can cause a range of different problems with those that are infected including diseases like hepatitis B and hepatitis C, syphilis, and HIV to name a few. Because of the dangers associated with bloodborne pathogens, it is important for those who are working around them in any capacity to have proper training.

Those who are working in the healthcare field will certainly want to make sure that they have training so they can continue working. However, the medical and dental professionals who are working directly with patients are not the only ones who should have training. Anyone who has contact not only with the patients but with any of their bodily fluids should have training. For example, the staff that takes care of the gowns, scrubs, and other items will need to know how to properly work with items that have been contaminated. Permanent makeup artists and tattoo artists should undergo this type of training, as well. Receiving this training is mandated by OSHA and included in their bloodborne pathogens standard.